Peter Arnstein’s help has been invaluable. His assistance organizing my startup, Thaut.io (a thought leadership marketing toolkit), has helped package my own thought leadership to maximize positive influence. He has brought great clarity and persuasiveness to our message in general. Pete is also an empathetic listener, fun to work with, and brings the wisdom that can only come from vast experience to the game. I recommend him without reservation.”

– Chris McNeil, Founder & CEO of Thaut, Inc.

I had the pleasure of attending Pete’s Negotiation for Professionals seminar recently and walked away with 10x the value I expected to get.

My favorite word in business is clarity and Pete delivers it in spades. His comical approach to what some may deem as a boring subject matter will keep you engaged on all levels. He has the unique ability to reframe a situation to help really think through how to explore the possibilities in a negotiation and how to use soft skills to get to the desired outcome. Where some may view negotiation as an I win you lose approach, Pete shows how it is anything but.

We all wake up trying to get somewhere better. Negotiation is the vehicle and Pete has the map. If you want to sharpen the saw of your organization, personal relationships, or even just your personal skill set, Pete is the guy to go to.

– Ryan DeMars, National Sales Partner at SpotOn Transact, LLC

I enjoy and appreciate Peter’s coaching and facilitation style. He is very knowledgeable and incorporates hands on application as well as fun! I am an avid learner, and a tough critic as a Trainer myself. I knew going into the Negotiation workshop, it would be great with Peter in the driver’s seat – teaching, entertaining, performing; yet informative with application and Peter style fun teaching! It was definitely all of that and more. Peter is a great leader for professional development!

– Terry Melkus, Owner at Addie Solutions, LLC

There are times when I’ve gone round and round in my mind about how to approach a business challenge. Especially when there is a financial impact.  Those moments when I’m feeling stuck, I reach out to Peter. He has the ability to shift my mindset with a few key questions, a keen sense of humor and his expertise in finding effective ways to get things done. He’s really helped me see my value and charge accordingly. I’ve known him for a couple of years and it never fails once we have a conversation, I’m able to generate better ideas and feel confident in my approach.

– Valerie Hope, Executive Coach & Professional Speaker, Connect to Joy, LLC

Anyone that’s met Peter Arnstein knows he has a certain way with things. Whether a serious situation that requires a dose of humor, a silly situation that requires a sober lesson, or a delicate one that requires a pinch of camaraderie, Pete always knows just what to say or do to make everyone feel at ease. I saw Peter put this skill to the test in the Negotiation for Professionals seminar I took. He lead the group through a series of case study role playing exercises that can sometimes feel awkward and stiff. But under Pete’s guidance, with his wit, charm, and assurance, he put the group at ease and allowed all of us to extract so much more from the seminar than usually possible. I would highly recommend Peter Arnstein as a speaker, coach, and facilitator for your next leadership engagement.

– Mark Stacey, Director Of Accounting at William M. Bird, Inc./Southern Diversified Distributors, Inc.