We take an Information-Based Bargaining approach to negotiation focusing on solid planning, careful listening and attention to signals being sent. Effective negotiation draws on skills and concepts from throughout our practice.


Leading effectively with confidence is woven throughout our work. We emphasize confidence through empowerment of other team members, bringing empathy and being open to vulnerability. Practice and preparation are fundamental ingredients of confidence.

Problem Solving

Many challenges for clients don’t fit neatly into the other categories. Often, the challenges involve a blend of issues. We used to refer to this category as “obstacle management,” but no one knew what that meant, except it sounded like a role that would have been useful on the Titanic. …


Opportunity shows up in different forms and contexts, sometimes the result of deliberate work, sometimes unbidden, sometimes masquerading as adversity. We work on developing and recognizing opportunity and applying resources to opportunity to fulfill the individual and enterprise mission.


Effective prioritization is a key component of getting the right work done and done well. Prioritizing effectively takes account not only of capabilities, resources, constraints, time, goals and mission, but of values and motivations. We work on prioritization for individuals and the even greater challenge of prioritization for teams and …

Team Effectiveness

People working well together is a beautiful thing. When it happens. Team effectiveness is the product of several elements, the mix of which depends on the case. Typically, we will incorporate work in mission and goal-setting, communication, situational awareness, empathy and conflict management. We may even attempt to inject some …

Conflict Management

Conflict happens. Within teams, within enterprises, with clients, vendors, stakeholders, regulators and others. We work on strategies and skills around dealing with conflict in a constructive and professional manner that is in keeping with the values and mission of the enterprise.